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Before my car even made it to my garage, we knew i desired to listen to the Supercharger do its thing. Seeing the videos on Youtube made me need it more, therefore naturally one of many very first things we wished to do was focus on the Intake.
Upon further research I figured out....there are no intakes for 2009 A6s, not anymore at the very least. Therefore I started thinking about steps to make my own. I've the service manual for the 3.0T engine on my desktop and it's also exceedingly of good use.
Now on page 34 there exists a figure and paragraph that is small intake noise proofing.
There is certainly the foam into the intake package, the pipeline has baffles and a resonator onto it that also works as sound proofing.
So I removed my foam and fabricated my pipe that is own from airbox to the engine away from pvc. (slightly crude however it works).

And so I've often stated on here that the noises a motor vehicle makes are right up here in the listing of things I consider when looking at a motor vehicle - engine, exhaust, induction, turbo spool.

I have constantly wondered about superchargers, just the character of this high pitched whine, i really couldn't assist thinking it should get old before long.

I love the notion of what it will, the entire lack of turbo lag and lovely also energy band but having heard various automobiles on here, granted mostly monitor focused devices hooning around Mondello, it just does nothing for me and in case any such thing i do believe it would grate .

Have always been we the only person?

ive not held it's place in any of these vehicles, truly the only supercharged car I've driven was an xkr, that was an alternate matter completely, could hardly hear the engine or charger even with the roof down.
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The kit is straightforward and includes drill bits and every thing needed seriously to connect it up. I happened to be just a little sketched about drilling into the MAF housing but AFR is spot on and the other end associated with the pipe is sealed so no MAF air leaks. Shawn additionally makes this mod for any other superchargers and also other make cars.

I am having an presssing issue with sound. Especially, supercharger-like whine(that changes with RPM and in addition gets louder when I crank the fan) from the front tweeters. It isn't an presssing problem with power(unplug the RCA's and it goes away completely). It is apparently no problem using the RCA's either as when I unplug the front component speakers, the rear coaxials never whine. However, if I plug the rear RCA's into the leading presenter inputs regarding the amp and vice versa, the front still whines but the trunk doesn't. Additionally, the sound remains even with the RCA's running entirely oustide of the vehicle. A suspicion is had by me that my presenter wire going from the crossover towards the tweeters could be picking right up the sound but i am not sure. That wire is NVX speaker wire but it's maybe not even remotely near the charged power cable. When you yourself have any ideas exactly what may be causeing this to be sound plus some treatments be sure to lend several words of wisdom when I've been fighting with this specific thing for a year to no avail. *Note, your head unit has already been grounded to chassis. Don't execute a thing. Many Thanks!

EDIT: i've already tried an in-line noise filter on the power cables and a ground cycle isolator on the RCA's to no avail. Talked to an audio pro and he suggested me personally that since the whining went away after I unplugged the RCA's, the noise had been somewhere at the RCA cables or head device. But, if this could end up being the case, wouldn't I have noise in the rear speakers too? I'm befuddled.