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1 Etymology
2 Geography and geology
2.1 animal and plant life
3 History
3.1 Ancient and times that are pre-colonial
3.2 Castilian conquest
3.3 After the conquest
3.4 Eighteenth to nineteenth hundreds of years
3.5 Early twentieth century
3.6 Franco regime
Day 3.7 Present
4 federal government and politics
5 Economy
6 Demographics
7 See also
8 Records
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Locals call their homeland, "The Land of Eternal Spring," due to its subtropical weather, managed by the Gulf Stream and Trade Winds. The fact four of Spain's national areas are observed within the Canaries reflects the wealth that is extraordinary of beauty can be found in these islands. Each year as a result of these two factors, over 10 million tourists visit the islands.

The title "Islas Canaria" is likely derived from the Latin term Insula Canaria, meaning Island of the Dogs, a name applied originally simply to Gran Canaria. The dense populace of a endemic breed of big and tough dogs, similar to the Canary Mastiff (in Spanish, el Presa Canario), might have been the characteristic that many hit the few ancient Romans whom established contact with the islands by the ocean.
Geography and geology

The Islands that is canary are in the Macaronesia ecoregion, which contain several sets of islands into the North Atlantic Ocean near European countries and North Africa belonging politically to your three nations of Portugal, Spain, and Cape Verde. Macaronesia comprises of the four archipelagos of Azores, Madeira, Cape Verde, as well as the Canary Islands.
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The combination of high mountains, proximity to European countries, and air that is clean made the Roque de los Muchachos top (on La Palma area) a respected location for observation. The Gran Telescopio Canarias, or "Great Telescope Canary Islands," sometimes called GranTeCan, is a 10.4m showing telescope and is undertaking commissioning observations at the Observatorio del Roque de los Muchachos in the area of La Palma. The telescope is sited on a peak that is volcanic legs (2,400 meters) above sea degree and took seven years to create. The GTC venture is a partnership formed by a number of organizations from Spain, Mexico, and the University of Florida (United States Of America) and an initiative through the Instituto de Astrofísica de Canarias (IAC). The construction of the telescope is predicted to have cost €130 million.

The original inhabitants of this Canary Islands had been Guanche, a Berber individuals who were conquered by the Spanish into the century that is fifteenth. Its thought that the first Gaunche inhabitants might have come from central and Europe that is southern by of Northern Africa in centuries past. Individuals the Spaniards present in the Canaries had brown complexions, blue or grey eyes, and hair that is blondish. While these faculties still exist, the Islands' peoples are barely distinguishable in appearance or culture from the people of Spain today. [11]

The language associated with the islands is just a dialect of Spanish, referred to as "Canary Islands Spanish." Certain archaic words are utilized, strange towards the islands, which show Portuguese influences.

To explain politics in Tenerife, we should first look at the federal government regarding the island and, to do this, it is essential to begin at the top: the Spanish royal family members. The monarch may be the apex of the big pyramid, with Tenerife at the end. Here's how most of the layers that are different from one to another.

The Spanish Government is formally appointed by the monarch - at the moment, King Juan Carlos I after an election. They then provide a term of four years in the Spanish Parliament, or Cortes. The Cortes, like most equivalents far away, has two chambers, El Senado (the Senate) and El Congreso (the Congress). People of these chambers are known as Senadores (Senators) andDiputados (Deputies) respectively.