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The effects of short-term oral care for 5?days employing various methods (oral cleaning by toothbrushing alone, tongue coat removal using a sponge brush and wiping the oral mucosa with a gargling solution containing chlorhexidine gluconate) in dependent elderly subjects were clarified to investigate the effect and indication of each method: 1 ?Plaque control by toothbrushing significantly reduced the PlI and GI and improved oral malodour. This study was partially supported by the 2007 special research fund of Matsumoto Dental University. ""doi: 10.1111/j.1741-2358.2012.00634.x Evaluation of satisfaction with Masticatory efficiency of new conventional complete dentures in edentulous patients. A survey Background:? GS-1101 clinical trial Knowing how patients really feel after treatment is, very often, as relevant as the success rate of the conventional dentures and it can even be the measurement of masticatory function. Aim and objectives:? This questionnaire survey aimed to analyse the satisfaction level and masticatory efficiency of patients treated with conventional complete dentures. Design and setting:? Thirty edentulous patients were considered in the study. Satisfaction level and masticatory efficiency were analysed based on specific questionnaires for edentulous patients and by a likert rating scale from 0 to 5, at three moments: Prior to treatment (edentulous period), after the insertion of the new dentures and at 30�C45?days follow-up. Materials and methods:? Thirty patients including 12 male and 18 female patients (mean age 65?years), who voluntarily came for the services. T-test was applied at three different levels. Results:? The rehabilitation with conventional complete dentures produced an improvement (p?