Calculating Duty Packages From Abroad

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You intend to buy goods from overseas ? Do not just buy! You have to look first duty will be imposed on the goods. There are some items taxed very high entrance. Mean heart wants to buy goods at low prices, it turns out be very expensive because it is taxable is very high.

Calculate the import duties and taxes is quite complex. However, there is an online calculator to calculate the import duties on foreign package that allows us to perform calculations.

How to calculate import duties on foreign package

This article is part of the 3rd series of posts about shopping / auction on Ebay

The first part has been discussed about how Following the auction on Ebay .
Then followed section to 2 on ways to assess Reputation Seller on Ebay .
The last part is to understand the calculation of the tax collected by the Customs ( Customs Clearance ) in accordance with the applicable rules. This is because we need to understand if the home purchase without knowing roughly how much tax as we have to pay, we can be surprised, it turns out the tax could be greater than the price of goods purchased.
Calculating Duties
Every shipment of goods from abroad into Indonesia, always pass customs inspection process in advance. Customs will calculate tax tax to be paid according to the type of goods.

There is a tax-free policies in force in Indonesia, namely if the customs value of the shipment a maximum of 50 USD. Worth of goods is considered a gift and so are free of tax. Packages will be sent directly to the destination without additional charge.

The term means the customs value are: cost (price of goods) + Insurance (if any) + Freight (postage). To simplify the calculation, hereinafter "the customs value of goods" we refer to as CIF stands for Cost + Insurance + Freight.

Process Flow and Calculation:

Suppose you buy goods worth 45 USD, without insurance and shipping costs 15 USD, the CIF such goods is 45 USD + 15 USD = 60 USD. The value is more than 50 USD, then it is taxable.
If you’ve arrived in Indonesia, the shipment will be detained by Customs. Next, you will be sent a notice to redeem it at the post office designated to handle packages from abroad. The post office is usually a Representative Office of Customs in it. Packages can only be taken if you have paid off the taxes imposed.
Import taxes levied include: Import Duty (BM), VAT, Income Tax and Sales Tax. With the following calculation formula. : BM = (CIF – 50) * Rates-BM VAT = ((CIF – 50) + BM) * 10% PPH = ((CIF – 50) + BM) * 7.5 PPnBM = ((CIF – 50) + BM) * Rates-PPnBM

Tariffs are different for each type of goods. Classified as luxury goods will be charged at much higher rates than other goods that are not luxury goods category. Table magnitude of tariffs of each item can be seen in
I once received a shipment of goods in the form of several silver rings from Thailand. Its CIF is 60 USD. Jewelry of silver values apply: Fee-BM = 15%, The rate of VAT = 10% and Rate-PPnBM = 40%. Thus the calculation of the tax payable is:

BM = (60-50) * 15% = 1.5 USD
VAT = ((60-50) + 1.5) * 10% = 1.15 USD
PPH = ((60-50) + 1.5) * 7.5% = 0.8625 USD
PPnBM = ( (60-50) + 1.5) * 40% = 4.6 USD

So the total amount of taxes to be paid = BM + VAT + PPH + PPnBM = 8.1125 USD.
When compared with the value of goods (60 USD) means the total tax to be paid approximately 13.5% of the value of goods.